What are the Benefits of a Design-Build Contractor?

Design-build contractors in San Diego offer a consolidated way of handling the design and construction aspects of a home remodeling project under one central authority. There are many benefits associated with using a design-build contractor to oversee and complete your San Diego remodeling project. Instead of depending on separate entities to fulfill the various aspects of a project, a design-build contractor can increase the speed of a project’s completion due to the inherent coordination possible among the various disciplines functioning under one roof. The following list describes some of the major benefits of utilizing the services of a design-build contractor.

One Company Makes Decisions & Executes
Since one company is solely responsible for project decisions and activities, the different disciplines within the San Diego Design Build firm coordinate much easier, resulting in time savings and efficient task completion.

Easier to Determine Project Costs
Under the design-build method specific project designs are developed under one roof. Accurate cost estimates can be developed much better for each aspect of the project when a single company has knowledge of all the components going into the design and construction phases.

Efficiency & Cost Savings
With the designer, contractor, and builder operating together under one company the entire process from project inception to project completion can be more efficient. The interconnectedness of each discipline under one roof allows for faster decisions and quicker action, effectively reducing costs associated with manpower and time.

Ensure Higher Level of Project Quality
Project quality control is naturally improved by having one central authority overseeing the many aspects of a San Diego home remodel project. Instead of each individual discipline governing its own conformance to applicable design and construction standards, a single company takes responsibility for all aspects of the project’s proper execution, even down to the smallest details.

Shorter Project Completion Time
Overall time to complete a project is shortened under the design-build model. Since there is no lengthy bidding process when using a design-build contractor, significant time is saved. Design-build allows certain phases of construction to begin even before design has been completed. This, as well, saves a large amount of time throughout the duration of a project.

Lower Risk of Project Failures
Project risk is significantly reduced under a design-build approach. Since the entire project is conceived, developed and executed by one entity that governs each in-house discipline, the possibility of project miscommunication, misunderstandings and faulty decisions are lessened.

Quick Resolution of Project Issues
Virtually every project has its own issues and problems at one time or the other that must be solved. Having a single company performing both the design and build functions helps eliminate much of the negotiation that is necessary when separate entities need to compromise on a particular issue. Under design-build, problems are often found and resolved in the design stage even before construction begins.

Article written by Christopher Kratsas

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