Possible Child Custody Outcomes for Fathers

Child custody issues are difficult for either parent to sort out. Sometimes a disagreement over child custody will lead to a court case for ruling. A father may face several possible outcomes in these circumstances. These can include everything from no custody and no visitation rights (this only happens when the parent is deemed unfit to see the child) to full custody (both physical and legal custody). Often some arrangement in the middle is the result. It’s important that your fathers’ rights are upheld throughout the child custody process in order to get a fair hearing of your case.

No Custody or Visitation
In cases where the court issues an order that the father has no right to custody or visitation, the reasons usually involve alcohol or drug abuse or certain other associations within the father’s life that the judge deems detrimental to the child. More commonly, even when the other parent has some problems, the judge allows supervised visitations, wherein the parent and the child are never completely alone together. A military father needs to obtain dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel if he finds himself in an unfortunate child custody dispute with his wife back home. Such an attorney will know the military child support laws and make sure a military father’s rights are protected.

Agreed Upon Custody Arrangement
Sometimes the mother and father will come to an amicable custody agreement. This usually involves an arrangement in which one parent is given physical custody and the other parent receives visitation rights. This kind of agreement is a result of negotiations between both parties, sometimes with the help of mediators. This kind of agreement preempts the process of going before a judge, though the arrangements must be approved by the court.

Visitation Only
Visitation rights are commonly given to fathers who do not obtain physical or legal custody. Arrangements vary, but fathers are often allowed to visit their children on a regularly scheduled basis, like biweekly, on the weekends, or during special holidays or other special events throughout the year. A decision on visitation is affected by how far away the parents live from each other. Whatever the visitation arrangement, the child’s welfare is always paramount.

Whether you are concerned about military custody rights for fathers or other child custody issues, the services of an experienced, qualified legal professional are essential.

Article written by Christopher Kratsas

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