New Office Building Checklist

Moving your business to a new office building in  involves a lot of tasks that must be planned in advance and executed in a timely and orderly fashion. Regardless of the distance of the move involved, a business owner and their staff should prepare a checklist that plainly details the necessary steps involved in preparing to set up shop in the new office location. These steps can range from changing the business address and hiring a moving company to cleaning the new space and hiring Massachusetts pest control services. Details of these important tasks are outlined below.

Change Business Address
Changing the address of your business is vitally important to ensure all future mail and correspondence arrives at the correct location. This step should be taken care of early in the process by having mail forwarded on the specific day it is needed at the new location. In addition, all company business cards, letter forms and stationary needs to be switched to indicate the new address. Without accomplishing this task in a timely fashion, your business correspondence will convey unprofessionalism and lack of organizational ability to your customers and business associates.

Determine Moving Budget
A complete moving budget should be established to determine what your new office building will require in terms of furniture, equipment, technology and other furnishings. This estimate will enable you to make wise choices in terms of hiring a moving company and the types of accessories and furnishings you need to purchase.

Hire a Moving Company
Depending on the size of your new office building and the quantity of items that need to be transported to the new location, you may need the services of a highly experienced professional moving service. Such a company can provide all of the coordination, planning and organization necessary to ensure your new office building receives everything you desire from the old office location.

Get as Much Employee Help as Possible
If your business move is on the smaller side, or your new building doesn’t require an extensive amount of furnishings, then help from your employee staff may handle most of the job. Even if you do hire a moving company, your employees may want to be involved as much as possible in tasks such as packing, cleaning, and unpacking, to ensure everything is handled correctly. Some of your employees may be given the responsibility to contact pest control services in order to ensure the new building is pest-free upon arrival. Others may be responsible for cleaning your new space prior to unloading and unpacking.

Prepare & Clean the New Space
An essential step in establishing your new office building for business purposes is to clean the space and ensure it is free from all kinds of pests. Pest control companies can help make your new office building pest free. Massachusetts ant control experts are important to contact, especially during the warm months of the year, in order to make your new office space ant-free for your employees.

Make the Move
Finally, your moving day has arrived. Carefully following a well-thought out checklist that includes the above suggestions will help make your move to your new office building a stress-free and enjoyable event for the entire company.

Article written by Christopher Kratsas

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